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Turn your mobile into an Internet Radio as-well and never be without Big L

Please note on Nokia phones you open the players from the Application Folder


We are  broadcasting through and  Nokia Internet Radio so you can listen to Big L on your mobile through your Wi-Fi router (with compatable wi-fi mobiles) or even if you have unlimited web on your mobile such as web'n'walk ad on  (t-mobile) or x-silver ad on the (3 network) you can listen in the car, also with a blue tooth radio you can send Big L to your car radio using blue tooth and listen in great audio quality.


Simply click on the icons above and below to see if you have a mobile that can be used as an Internet Radio as both list different models and you can also install both on your mobile phone to see which works best for you. Both are free to install and use (vradio, if you wish not to have the small ad on the player you can purchase the non ad version for around £11).

                                                  To Install See Below

Vradio is installed by opening your browser on your mobile and go to address to download to your mobile.

Nokia Internet Radio is installed with Download PC Suite and also downloading the Internet Radio installer from Nokia

  • Open the "Install Applications" tool from the PC Suite.
  • Locate the InternetRadioSisApp SIS file on your computer and click to begin installation. Finish the installation on your device as directed.
  • Once the installation has finished, you can find the Nokia Internet Radio Player on your device in the folder where your installed applications are stored.
  • It is recommended to use Nokia Internet Radio with a WLAN connection. If you wish to use this service with a packet data connection (GPRS/3G), you should contact your service provider for information about the data transmission fees.

Note: All new series 3 symbian Nokia mobile from N95 8 GIG version will have Nokia Internet Radio pre-installed. Most new cars to be fitted with Blue Tooth (BT) Radios.

Blue Tooth Car Radio radio tested by Big L engineers compatable with N95 from £79.99 at Argos


 If you're connected to the internet and you've got it wired for sound,
we want you to listen to Big L!
As a forward looking radio station we are always looking for ways to improve our listeners? online audio experience.
Currently we are testing AAC+, which is a new format of streaming that gives outstanding performance. This may, depending on your set up necessitate installing either some simple software or altering some settings.
We feel that this format is the future for internet audio. Eventually all players will have this installed as standard, but as we like to be in front of others with new streams at good quality they'll take a little while to catch up with us!
However, if you are not able to enjoy the new format/s don't worry as we will still stream using conventional means so you can still hear us.