Lost Big L on your internet radio?

9th May 2019

If your INTERNET RADIO has lost Big L and is now playing either a recorded message saying you need to restore all your favourite stations or has just gone silent, you will now find

Big L listed as "Big L 1"
Big L 2 listed as "Big L 2"

You may need to restart your radio first (I mention this as it is what I had to do before the update kicked in on a John Lewis Cello) then go to stations and enter Big L in the search box, press enter or ok.
You should be presented with a list of stations where you can select Big L 1 (or Big L 2) - the station should start to play. On some radios, simply holding a preset number key on your remote control for a couple of seconds will be all it takes to save the playing station as a preset. You may also find your radios menu structure looks slightly different now too.

Please note - this is not an issue specific to Big L - this is thanks to a provider who's database is used by many different internet radio manufacturers including Roberts, John Lewis etc.


14th May 2019.

Some Pure Radios are also having database issues with their displays just showing "Connecting..." or "Loading..." - once again, this is an issue with Pure and not specific to Big L. Pure are advising their customers that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Here at Big L Radio, we would strongly recommend our listeners download our FREE app which is available to both Android and Apple users. Simply search for "BigL Radio Player" in your app store and hit install. All our streams for both Big L 1 and Big L 2 are listed along with our Podcast page, easy options to text us, email us and call us.