Jump Off The Pirates!!!

Big L's commemoration of pirate radio took a dramatic turn on Tuesday evening (14 August) with a handful of its top presenters lucky to escape with their lives.

Following two days of broadcasting from an American gun-boat on the high seas off Essex, Mike Read, Steve Garlick and co were forced to abandon ship after torrid weather battered their vessel. The Big L team, marking the 40th anniversary of the shutdown of illegal, offshore broadcasting, had been wowing its audience with nearly 48 hours of great radio off the coast at Frinton. And then the weather turned....

Like something from the film, Master And Commander, a violent storm laid waste to the station's floating studio. Roger Davis fought his way through fifteen foot waves, Mike Read kept spirits up with an impromptu sing-song and Steve Garlick sat around sipping tea.

Thankfully all the Big L team made it back to terra firma safely.