Big L returns to 1395 AM

Big L 1395 is back on medium wave. The self-proclaimed Heart & Soul Of Rock & Roll has returned to the nation's radios following a period of only being available on Sky and the internet.

The station will remain on the two aforementioned formats but can now be picked up on normal radios and car stereos, both of which are vital tools in increasing awareness within the industry. The return of the AM signal is the latest development in a long line of successful outings for Big L; last month saw a week of outstanding road shows up the east coast of England, while September has brought with it the return of the Big L Fab Forty and the arrival of Chris Vezey to head up operations and output.

Morning show presenter, Mike Read said:Big L has gone from strength in recent months; the return of the AM really is the icing on the cake.

Big L 1395 has already made significant steps in attracting the Radio 2/Virgin/Capital Gold listener market; the return of the medium wave signal will surely only bolster this.